CLASS SCHEDULE from May 10th 2021

Barre classes are Face to face OUTDOORS and online. Pilates classes are indoors in the studio. There is no need for any previous ballet experience. Come and try Classic class, or BarreCircuits or BarreFloor for a three class entry offer. 

BarreConcept® Classic   
A medium tempo class for complete leg shaping workout. This session focuses on posture, foot work and positions. Small movements, attention to detail and high repetitions make this a great foundation class.

BarreCircuits are when a barre class meets HIIT training. We warm up with a 20 minute classic Barre section and then take to cardio with a track run or walk.  Returning to a choice of Barre 'Stations' we then focus on low impact, high repetition movements. Clients have the chance to work at their own tempo and on specific body parts that challenge them the most. A nice outdoor variation and free Vit D thrown in!

A body conditioning workout on the mat. Originally developed as a workout to keep dancers with foot injuries in shape. It combines ballet movements with pilates principles. A great floor compliment to the standing classes.

This class moves fluidly between classic and modern pilates exercises. Each week has a theme focusing on one aspect of strength, flexibility and or posture.


09:00 BarreConcept® Classic ONLINE

10:15 BarreConcept®  cardio OUTDOOR

20:15 Pilates in the Studio and live streamed


09:00 BarreFloor Intermediate  ONLINE


10:15 BarreCircuits OUTDOOR

12:00 BarreConcept®BarreFloor mix® ONLINE 

Online - Via Zoom by invitation

Outdoor - 8800 Thalwil. Sportanlage Brand, Bodenstrasse 15.

Studio - 8803 First Floor, Weingartenstrasse 9, Rüschlikon 


Single Class Entry 30.- 

10 Pack valid 5 months 300.-

20 Pack valid 8 months 560.- 

40 Pack valid 12 months 990.-

Online Classes 15.- per class or 11 pack for 150-/.

All classes are taught in English but personal German tuition available. 


During holiday periods, Abos will be extended by one month.

All prices in CHF.-