Christine is a professional Barre and Pilates teacher as well as a highly experienced Personal Trainer. Based in Rüschlikon, Zürich and Cham, Zug, Switzerland, she brings her highly accredited fitness background to the community on the Silver Coast.

Originally from northern England, UK, on the edge of the beautiful Peak District, Christine grew up mad about sports. From aged 7 she was to be found following competitive golf, cycling, tennis as well as competing in netball and athletics events. However, upon leaving university, Christine followed her creative passion and pursued a career in fashion and textiles. Not until age 28, when a serious neck problem, inhibited the daily commute to London, did she listen to her then physical therapist and change her lifestyle.

Swapping fashion for fitness, Christine quickly began following the trends in fitness; bodybuilding, step aerobics, road and mountain running and more recently, Pilates and Barre. It is from these personal experiences that Christine draws her depth of knowledge and delivers personal, unique and flexible training programmes.



"Fit" represents different things to different people. A few years ago Jonathan Hoffman creator of CoreAlign, introduced me to the concept of the 3 "F's" of fitness... Foundation - Fit - Fun... In order to have 'Fun' (play tennis/run/ski) we need to be 'Fit' (strong/flexible/have endurance) and therefore we need the 'Foundations' (good posture/assess misalignments/injuries).  My aim is to acknowledge these three important aspects of fitness and the continuous balance required to keep my clients enjoying their sport or there general wellness. 


Whether it is a Barre experience, a stretch experience, a running experience or a shape experience.  Christine brings results. Constantly updating her qualifications in Switzerland and UK. Christine is still up on trends for the individual or the group class.  

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Professional teaching qualification. 20 years experience teaching in the UK/Switzerland.

In classrooms, studios, gyms, home-based and outdoors.



Runity® - February 2019

BarreFloor® - Pilates Union UK.  February 2017

Core Align® - Level 1. Balanced Body. November 2015

TRX Suspension Training®  - (Fitness Anywhere LLC) Fitagon Swiss. June 2015

BarreConcept®  -  Pilates Union UK. October 2013

Wilderness First Aid - High Peak UK. Oct 2012

PGCE Education - Manchester University UK. 2011

Advanced Level 3 Pilates Matwork - Central YMCA UK. January 2009

Level 3 Advanced Instructor - Register Exercise Professionals UK

Pilates on the Ball - Northern Education and Training UK. May 2009

Complete Conditioning - Northern Education and Training UK. 2005

Fitness Assessment - Focus Training UK. 2001

Nutrition Management - Focus Training UK. 2001

Personal Trainer - Focus Training UK. 2001

Senior Fitness Instructor - Focus Training UK. 2000

CV Training - Focus Training UK. 2000

Resistance Training - Focus Training UK. 2000